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    Official Rules server RF-Universum

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    Official Rules server RF-Universum

    Сообщение автор Azex в Ср Июн 10, 2009 9:25 am

    Official Rules server RF-Universum
    These rules are designed taking into account all the nuances of the gameplay.
    1.1-These rules shall take any player on the server.
    1.2-Ignorance of these rules does not exempt from liability.
    1.3-These rules are the only originalom.Lyubye other rules, these rules as a server RFuniversum
    be deemed null and void and will be removed Authority.
    1.4-These rules may be amended or supplemented without the consent of the players.
    2.1Obyazannosti Administration:

    * Provide access to the server.
    * Try to maintain a stable, normal gameplay.
    2.2 Administration Rules:
    * The Administration has the right to restrict access to certain server causes the player without explanation.
    * The Administration is not responsible for the actions of other users.
    * The Administration does not bear any material and any other liability for damages directly or indirectly caused by the server.
    * The Administration has the right without notice otkyuchat server due to technical problems and other causes.

    3.1-The rights of players:

    * The player has the right to obtain access to the server and its content at any time and from anywhere in the world.
    * The player has the right to create an unlimited number of game characters and accounts.
    * Iroko has the right to lodge a complaint against the administration, through the forum, e-mail and other means of communication.

    3.2-Responsibilities of players:

    * The player is not allowed to use unfair practices when developing their personazha.K unfair practices include:

    o The use of bugs and errors the client (such as walking through the texture, the so-called speed hack (speed races inflated), pothak (recoilless HP potions or low setback), overdemag, etc.)
    o Using the batch of bugs (such as different dyupy and the fall of the server packages on the ore, etc.)
    o The use of bots and programs chiterskih various programs (Rfrudokop and others)
    o Try to inflict material and any other harm to a server.

    * The player is forbidden to advertise any other resources in a more all its forms.
    * A player is forbidden to try to forge a message from the administration or use nicknames that might be taken as the ship administration.

    3.3-The penalties applied to the players:

    * For the use of bugs and errors issued by the client banks for a period 2 weeks (Spidhak, pothak, walking through the texture, smashing the chip because of barikad (as well as def chip due barikad).
    * For the use of bots and other programs chiterskih program ban issued for a period 2 weeks
    * For standing in the chip kick is given to repeating servera.Pri ban for 24 hours.
    * For the use of bugs with the so-called overdemagom (increase speed draft) issued by banks for a period 2 weeks
    * During the open discussion of unfair methods of character development is given an indefinite ban on the ip.
    * For the use of bugs to dressing your reservation is not a ban is issued for a period of 2 weeks
    * For the use of a batch of bugs ban is issued for a period of 2 weeks, ip. with the exception of a parcel package, leading to a drop in the server-in this case issued an indefinite ban on the ip
    * Repeated attempts to use bugs as possible Bana will grow at 2 raza.Na 3rd time will be a complete blocking of your account and ban on the ip.
    * For other bugs ban will be issued by decision of the administration.
    * For the murder of characters Administration (annex number 2) is issued with a kick servera.Pri repeated ban for 24 hours.
    * For the mat in the general chat is issued with a kick servera.Pri repeated ban chat for a period of 24 hours.
    * During the insult administration issued to ban instant messaging server for a period 24 chasa.Pri repeatedly insulting issued ban chat for a period of a week.
    * For the attempted forgery of messages from the administration issued an indefinite ban chat.
    * For other advertising resources issued ban chat for a period 24 chasa.Pri re-issued to ban advertising account for a period of a week
    * For actions that are contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation, issued an indefinite ban on the ip.

    3.4-Penalties applicable to the user at the off. Forum Server:

    * Only this forum is the official forum servera.Lyubye other forums are not official and will be deleted.
    * Anyone taking these rules (Appendix № 1) and undertakes to observe them.
    * The user can also be applied ext. punishment, such as:
    * Readonly-denying writing posts for a certain period of time.
    * Ban Closing access to the forum.
    * Warning, warning the user, allowing for non-serious violation of rules.
    * There are also internal rules for each non-section may result in liability and deprivation of access to the forum.

    Appendix № 1 (Rules of the Forum):

    While the administrators and moderators of this forum try to delete or edit inappropriate messages as quickly as possible, all communications can not be viewed. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums represent the views of their authors, and not the administrators forums (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be responsible for their content.

    You agree not to post abusive, threatening, defamatory messages, pornographic messages, appeals to ethnic strife and other messages that may violate any applicable laws. Attempts to accommodate such communications may lead to your immediate disabling of the forums (with your ISP will be notified). IP addresses of all messages are stored for the possibility of such a policy. You agree that the forum administrators have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time in its sole discretion. As a user you agree that you have entered information will be stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission, the administration of forums can not be held responsible for the actions of hackers, which can lead to unauthorized access.

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